Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the degree?

Students take courses in the fall term and in the winter term and write the master thesis in the spring term to complete the program in one academic year.

If I have taken graduate coursework in economics elsewhere, may I transfer credit to the EAP?

In consultation with the graduate program coordinator, a student working toward the master’s degree may ask the Organizing Committee for permission to transfer to the University of the Basque Country the credits of graduate level course work taken while a registered graduate student in another recognized graduate school. The petition must include a written recommendation from the graduate program coordinator and an official transcript indicating completion of the course work. In order for the graduate program coordinator to recommend transfer of credit, the content of the course(s) must be consistent with EAP course descriptions.

Do I have to live in the Bilbao area in order to complete the degree?

All EAP students are strongly encouraged to reside in the area and be available for examinations or special sessions on campus because of the full-time nature of the program.

How much does the program cost?

See Tuition and Financial Aid.

What about other expenses?

We estimate that monthly living expenses are about € 800-900 for someone who shares an apartment with other people. As a good approximation, 33% would correspond to housing, 39% to food, 8% to utilities (electricity, water, phone), 14% to leisure and 6% to travel expenses.

How can I find out more?

EAP Advisor Cruz A. Echevarria welcomes visits, calls, and emails from prospective students who would like to explore further how their background might fit the program goals. Cruz A. Echevarria can be reached at

What is the time schedule for lectures?

The time schedule, depending on the proffesors’ availability, will be announced in due course. At any rate, our students should bear in mind that this is a full-time program. Additionally, our Department organises seminars on Thursdays and Fridays throughout the academic year which students are required to attend. Thursday (brown-bag) seminars are informal and work in progress is presented. Friday seminars are more formal and invited speakers present research articles ready to be submitted to academic journals for publication.

Campus and map directions

Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. The English web page of the Faculty is under continuous renovation. You can also view video.
Avda. Lehendakari Agirre, 83
48015 Bilbao
Phone.: +34 94 601 2000
Fax: + 34 94 447 51 54
Web page:

Bilbao is the core of a metropolitan area with more than one million inhabitants. Since its foundation, more than 700 years ago, it has been the fundamental factor and the main socio-economic axis around which the Vizcaya region has set its modernisation process in motion.

Biscay offers first-class cultural attractions for all tastes. From visiting museums, like the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum with its original shape and exhibitions, to enjoying a concert at any village, or jazz festivals, folk festivals, etc (by brian fraim). With its 80 kilometres of coastline and numerous ports and beaches, the province of Biscay provides visitors a chance to enjoy a fascinating scuba diving experience and enless possibilities to practice sea sports such as surf.

The cultural life of the Basque Country is on the increase and is one of the main driving forces behind the development of this society. Here you will find plenty of information about the Basque Country: its Nature, Culture, Leisure, Gastronomy, etc.

How to get to the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies?

Once you are in Bilbao, the most convenient way to arrive at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies is to take the subway. You should get off at Sarriko station: the Faculty is just opposite the station. Check the subway map.

How to survive in Bilbao and in the EAP Master?

Ružica Savčić, one of our students, kindly wrote this survival guide. We are sure that you will find it extremely useful.