2020/2021 Calendar & Time schedule

Time schedule

Lectures are in the morning and recitations/labs/review-sessions in the afternoon.

The time schedule, including last minute changes, is available here


FIRST TERM (September-December 2020)

First Block Courses

Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Econometrics
Algebra and Calculus

  • Classes: September, 7th – October, 2th
  • Classroom: Basoko Etxea
  • Exams: First sitting: October, 5th – 9st
  • Exams: Second sitting: May, 17th – 21th

Second Block Courses

Quantitative Methods and Time Series

  • Classes: October, 13th –December, 4th
  • Classroom: Basoko Etxea
  • Exams: First sitting: December, 9th – 18th
  • Exams: Second sitting: May, 17th – 21st

SECOND TERM (January-April 2021)

Third Block Courses

Monetary Markets
Causal Inference for Social Science (Policy Evaluation)
Social Choice and Welfare
Experimental and Behavioral Economics

  • Classes: January, 7th – February, 19th
  • Classroom: -1.8
  • Exams: First sitting: February, 22nd – March 5th
  • Exams: Second sitting: June, 14th – 18th

Fourth Block Courses

Labor Markets
Growth and Development Economics
Energy Markets
Cultural Economics

  • Classes: March 8th – April 23rd
  • Classroom: -1.8
  • Exams: First sitting: April 26th – May 7th
  • Exams: Second sitting: June 14th – 18th

THIRD TERM (May-July 2021)

Master Thesis

  • Proposal defense: June 8st (second sitting July 9th)
  • Master’s Thesis defense: July 15th – 16th (second sitting September 17th)
  • Master’s Thesis Submission: July 29th (second sitting September 27t)